Looking your best really helps in boosting up the confidence. So, maintaining the appeal is highly significant. But, issues like hair loss and extreme hair fall can affect your appearance and confidence levels. Several health problems, adverse climatic condition or hormonal imbalances may lead to hair fall. Hair loss is also known as Alopecia. When hair fall occurs in round spots it is medically termed as Alopecia areata. People try several medications to treat and prevent hair fall. But, most of such medications have severe side-effects. So, it is advisable that you go for rather holistic approaches such as Homeopathy, to get rid from issues like hair loss.
Hair fall and hair loss are two different conditions. Hair fall is normal and natural. So, if you see 50-100 hair falling every day, then it is fine and no need to worry about it. It is like body sheds of old hair so that new hair may grow at that place. However, if you notice excessive hair fall (say 100-500 hair per day), then it is termed as hair loss and it does demand your attention.


There can be various factors that cause hair loss in different individuals. Some of the most common causes are:
1.    a) Male pattern baldness – it is mostly due to genetics.
2.    b) Alopecia Areata – It is an auto-immune response that results in hair loss in patches (mostly round in shape).
3.    Thyroid disorders – Both Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism cause hair fall in various individuals.
4.    Excessive stress – It can also lead to hair loss.
5.    e) Dandruff – Dandruff is the common problem in people leading to intense hair fall.
6.    f) Vitamin deficiency or excessive intake of few vitamins may also cause hair fall.
7.    g) Other factors like Anaemia or Menupause are also responsible for causing hair loss.
8.    h) Aging
9.    In females. hair loss is also experienced during pregnancy as their body experiences hormonal imbalance in this duration.
10.    g) Prolonged medication or allergy to any particular medicine may also cause hair loss.

Treatment of Hair loss through Homoeopathy

Alternative treatment options like homeopathy can aid in treating and successfully preventing the hair loss problem. It offers you amazing results without any adverse effects on your body. The main principle of homeopathy is to trigger the healing process in the body without using harsh chemicals. The hair loss can occur due to the different problems. The solutions aim to treat the underlying cause and trigger hair growth. So, you can safely try the treatment methods suggested in homeopathy for the diverse issues.
There are separate medicines to cure hair loss based on the root cause. If it is due to Dandruff, then the homeopathic treatment/medicines are highly effective in treating dandruff. Similarly, there are very effective medicines to treat various health issues that lead to hair fall.
The homoeopathic medication stimulates the root of your hair. So, it promotes hair growth. The alternative medicine branch uses natural products to alleviate any underlying problems. So, you may not face any side-effects due to undergoing homeopathic treatments. The absence of toxic substances in the medicine keeps it safe and promotes healing.